jérôme boileux • frontend engineer

Responding to complexity with simplicity
function sayHello(name) {
    return `Hey ${name}! Welcome 👋`;


making web things

I'm a frontend developer for about 10 years, based in Rennes, France, particularly concerned with quality and simplicity.

↳ making webapps

Currently @ Yousign on the saas product team, i'm working on a new javascript web application to make eSignature experience so easy. I use libraries like React, Styled Components, react-query, Downshift etc.

We are a team with high demands on quality and scalability, so we are doing lot of code review with each other, we are constantly challenging our codebase and we are testing a lot (we are using that way react-testing-library to produce our unit or functional tests, Cypress for our end-to-end tests).

We are also trying, with designers team, to maintain our Design System as a centerpiece. A Storybook that you can consult here by the way. 🙂

↳ making websites & eshops

I'm also used to take projects or side-projects as a freelancer. From this point of view, I most often take part in smaller projects such as websites or online shops by trying to propose the most flexible solutions. JAMStack & SSG are the things i usually practice with framework as GatsbyJS or NextJS and some new kind of CMS Sanity, Forestry or TinaCMS.

Take a ride to my last eshop reference (which i made with GatsbyJS / Sanity & Snipcart) : Demisel Bijoux